Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Khellendrathas Dreamscape: 2008-2012

We need more KhellBell
Kind of insane that I've been playing SecondLife for five years. I've gained and lost a number of friends during that time. I've created a few things, put together a ton of different looks, bought too many skins to rationalize needing, and my shape went from being store-bought to one that I continuously tweak and perfect and love. I did the roleplaying thing, the relationship thing, the hangout/clubbing/karaoke thing, the perving around random fetish sims thing as well. And for a brief moment in time I even helped a friend run an escorting service by being the intimidating manager lady.

Nowadays I tend to just work on store stuff, shop, and play dress up. The friends that are sticking around are already in my Skype and Facebook or just a phone call away so I have no need to idle in SL to chat with them. I still have the guy that chased me for a long while then dated me for a brief moment on my friends list though we never talk. I assume he still seeks popularity and companionship through the thin veil of pixel-bumping and adamantly calls it serious roleplay. I guess at some point I need to clean house again. Maybe it'll happen when I actually sit down and successfully organize inventory with tens of thousands of objects in it. <____<;

It was funny and sad going through the old screenshots. Seeing people that came and went through my second life. It's like first life except sped up and with random furries and latex-clad dommes, heh. I hope to stick around for more memories and more...weirdness. It's an interesting addition to my RL that I hope to keep for years to come.


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