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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

M3 Ether Eyes Now Available

New eyes specifically for the Utilizator M3Anime Head. Seven colors to choose from with an easy to use applier. With the M3 HUD, if you buy multiples you can wear a different color for each eye or mix and match with other eye styles.

Click to purchase on Marketplace

Monday, November 4, 2013

May The Force Be With You: Fitbit Force First Impressions

UPDATE: There is a recall for FitBit Force due to skin irritation/allergies. Please see here for the return kit. You will receive a $140 check after they get the unit back.

Looking for pedometers is kind of difficult. Sure, you can get the cheapo ones or heck, use your old Pokéwalker from Heart Gold or Soul Silver from but is counting your steps the only thing you want it to do? What about a sleep tracker? Elevation keeper-upper? A gentle alarm to nudge you and coo sweet nothings in your ear and whisper, "Good morning, Sempai.."...okay, well, Fitbits don't do that last one but most do have a vibrating alarm built in.

My Fitbit Experiences:

I first looked for a pedometer back in April 2012 during one of my "hogods, I need to start getting fit for DragonCon" stints. I purchased the Ultra from Best Buy which had elevation, sleep tracker, and a host of other nifty things. I ran with it around work to gauge my physical activity. It worked well until it accidentally got washed and even then was still maintaining my stepage (sleep tracker was out of the question since nothing else worked) until one day in the theatre projection booth I lost it somewhere in those dimly-lit haunted hallways...or maybe it was the Coke-stained, maroon jungle foliage carpeted hallways. After that loss of $100 (which lasted me about a year before it went buh-bye), I took a break and waited for something better to come along -- specifically something that would sync with Android phones.

Conclusion -- Ultra:

Pros: Good starter pedometer with bonus features, easy to clip onto bra, informative display of progress
Cons: Easy to lose, sleep tracker was useless if the tracker wouldn't stay on the wrist holder.

I had noticed the announcement of Fitbit's Flex near the beginning of the year which was a bracelet design and decided I should get that one since my previous problem was forgetting my Ultra and putting it through some rough seas and tumble dry. I purchased the Fitbit Flex after I came back from my Taiwan/Hong Kong trip. It was simple. It was convenient. It did what I wanted. Regrettably, shortly after the band began to rip:

What happened there was due to slipping the actual device in and out of the rubber-like band, the spot where the plastic display connects to the rest of the band began to pull apart. Since you must take the device out of the band to charge it (which the charge lasted for me about 7 days if I didn't shake or tap it enough for it to come out of idle), this action was repeated every week.

Even with the tearing, I continued with it for another three months until it was just held together by the last seam at the top. At that point I was glad there was a redundant secondary but different sized band included in the packaging. It still fit me if I adjusted the larger band to the smallest notch.

One of my biggest complaints with the Flex is the fact that you have to tap it to do things. Tap once for a dot display of your step goal progress (if you want exact numbers you'll have to log on the app or website), tap twice to start the sleep tracker. Sounds easy, correct? Naw, bro...naw. In reality, what happens is this: driving in the car or exercising sometimes randomly counts as one or two taps which then I have to go to the website to say, "No, indeed I have not slept for 18 hours, thankyouvurrymuch." Or this: I lie down for some well-deserved ZZZs and tap the device twice -- it shows my step progress. Tap-tap? Same. Tap.....Tap? Did you wanna check your progress 'cause Lady, it hasn't changed. TAP TAP! Newp. TAP TAP TAP TAPTAPTAPTAP... then my rudely-awoken fiancé rolls over and asks if I'm...taking care of myself or something. I'm just...

Conclusion -- Flex:

Pros: worn on the wrist to avoid washing, water-resistant, swappable band colors
Cons: +$30 for different band colors, band material tears with normal use, display is super minimal but does not extend battery life, no buttons so there is a lot of frustrated fa-er-tapping going on

Then the Fitbit Force appears! It uses we-learned-from-the-Flex move! Super effective!

Yes, I already removed it from the box by this point.

So I received it today from ye olde mailman. Upon opening the box, the packaging looks like every other Fitbit: a column of clear plastic with a box that contains the peripherals (charging cable and wireless dongle).

First Impressions of the Force

The Force is strong with this one (heh). It is heavier. Not by much, but it doesn't feel Which makes sense I suppose since it was $30 more than all the other Fitbits excluding the very very basic one (Zip). It is wider than the Flex by about a third and you choose a size upfront rather than have both sizes included when you order so be sure you know which one you want.

What I like about it that aside from having all the features of the Flex, it also counts elevation again (yay!), has an informative display again (double yay!), as well as being a solid piece rather than having to pull the actual device out of the band like the Flex. I am mildly concerned with the exposed connections on the underside of the Force. It is set in a little recessed area that you plug the charging cord in and since it is supposed to be water-resistant and I tend to wear anything on my wrists loosely...hrm. I suppose we shall see how that goes.

All in all, I am excited to try it out and *cough* see if the Force will be with me, always.

Okay, okay I'm done with the Star Wars.

Wanna friend me on and compete for stepage?

FTC » This is NOT a sponsored review. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Extra Life Gaming Marathon 2013

Yup! Participating again for my third and possibly final year to support Arkansas Children's Hospital. This time will be a 25-hour gaming marathon on November 2nd due to time change. Please consider supporting...and then stop considering and just do it. Yay and stuff. ^_^

My Extra Life Donation Page

I am taking suggestions on what to play. I'm willing to buy a game or two to play with others and possibly see if my comp will not be angry while I stream or do a giveaway for donors. So! Let me know what you would fancy, loves.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Planet Fitness Review -- Research and First Impressions


I've been looking for a way to maintain my fitness level for a while now. Maybe it's a bit of workout ADD but I just can't focus for too long on a program. I've done P90X...for a month and a half. I've done ZCUT...for a month. I've also done pure barre and blogilates. Just never sticks. It's not like I don't have enough motivation. I see the positive results and the change and that's usually what pushes people to continue. For me, I just end up getting distracted by something else. Maybe it's cosplay or art or gaming.

So in a nice little "AMG-I'm-lame-and-this-is-why" nutshell, I decided to try more of a traditional gym environment to see if this would keep me going; if I pay money for it, then it's a waste if I don't go regularly type deals.

I did a bit of research and I didn't want to go to places like Gold's Gym or the local athletic clubs. It just didn't appeal to me after going to those sort of establishments before. I didn't want to spend money on a place that didn't take care of the equipment or just had a bunch of leering gym rats or cost as much as the latest PC game per month. One name that kept popping up beyond those was Planet Fitness.

Now the name has both good and bad online mentions -- one being the infamous Lunk Alarm. This, my closest internet friends, is an actual siren. From the videos I've seen, it sounds like an air raid type deal with flashing blue light. The employees flip it whenever someone displays signs of being one of those narcissistic bodybuilder types who throw weights around and grunt in triumph over their latest lift victory.

Secondly, I've read complaints about the free pizza nights / bagel mornings. On top of all that, AMG they're offering candy. What scam is this?? This must be a ploy to get people to be on a continuous cycle of eating poorly and then having to work it off!

...not really. Sure, it can be that way for some. But if you really can't resist the one pizza night and one bagel morning a month, theeeen maybe you need to do a bit of introspection before getting those angry mob torches lit. And the scandalous free candy is just a thing of tootsie-rolls. And it's not even the Halloween-sized ones. Those are mainly for if you need a boost due to low blood sugar or not eating before your work out. Again, if you don't have enough discipline to not cookie monster the free stuff, then something else is the problem.

Another negative thing that has been the "Judgement-Free Zone" selling point. They claim that anyone can join yet many establishments seem to single out those who are already fit, making it a point to dissuade them from getting a membership or picking on their clothing or noise-level. One person mentioned that when they joined her and her son were both given the free PF shirts in size XXL. When asked about the sizing issue, the staff member said that they don't discriminate by having different sized shirts. The list of negative points go on but I'll move on to my personal experiences with PF and my resulting opinions of the fitness center chain.

Firstly, Planet Fitness isn't a full gym in the general sense. It's designed to be a beginner's playground type deal or for those who were maybe fit before and are now out of shape. It's a place where you have staff around to help you figure out a machine or if you're rather self-conscious about doing those leg workouts in front of people, they're off in a chest-high wall enclosure.

They have a rather large number of cardio machines (mainly Cybex) with the intent that you won't have to wait for a machine to open up. Their weight machines are one of the things people largely complain about. Yes, they are Smith machines. Yes, their free weights are limited up to 60 or 75 lbs. But again, PF is about focusing on a certain type that isn't fit yet and I can see why they would limit things so that people wouldn't hurt themselves.

As far as the annoying Lunk Alarm and the hypocritical "judgement-free" staff, I believe it highly depends on location. Remember that these are franchises. There's going to be certain things that are standard and certain things that will vary with location. What one person would take as just a hard exhale on the last rep might be taken as a grunt for another person and they might flip the alarm as a result.

At the location I am currently a member of, I've had the chance to talk to one of the site owners. He seems very reasonable and has over eight years of experience working at more traditional gyms and being a fitness trainer. For him, the whole rule against grunting and dropping weights was more about the extreme. Some noise is expected -- some machines make clanking noises and if you aren't breathing hard then you really aren't doing much of a workout. What the alarm is intended for are those who make noises to draw attention to themselves. And as far as the online complaint that the free shirts only came in one size, again, maybe that was a thing at that particular site. The one I go to had all sizes available.

What it comes down to is: do your own research, go take a tour of the facility, and make your own call about it. Each place will be different in certain ways. I enjoy the place I go to because it's clean, it's well-maintained, the staff is friendly, and they have what I need for now to restart my fitness game at the last save point. Maybe one day I'll outgrow Planet Fitness and will have to seek a full gym and brave the problems with that. But I'll get to that when it happens.

Please be aware that this review was done on my own volition. No one sponsored or requested this review.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy busy busy...

Me before I throw a fiery tantrum and fling the sewing machine.

I've been super-busy working on DragonCon costumes. I will be cosplaying Maya from Borderlands 2. My partner in crime and life will be cosplaying Dr. Ned/Zed. Since he's traveling for business a lot I have to put together both costumes for the most part during his absence and I'm slightly dying inside about trying to make clothes without a base pattern or dress form. Hurray. \(._. )/

I am currently balancing precariously on the thin fishing line between "I GOT THIS" and "AMGAMG-MY-LIFE-IS-CRUMBLING-AROUND-ME-AND-I-WILL-BRING-DISHONOR-UPON-MY-WHOLE-FAMILY" sort of thing. Watch me play slots in Vegas. You will bear witness to the hilarious emotional rollercoaster that is me.

Anyways, apologies for having no posts in July. That sucks. But I dropped most games for the time being while I try to trudge through sewing and keeping the cats away from my crafts. *nudges Rewind away from lying on my pile of light colored fabrics*

To make everyone (me) feel better and less guilty, there will be pics and a full post after the convention. I am determined to get good photos of my completed costume this year. I've also made my first awesome prop too which if you follow my instagram you've probably seen the progress shots. Worbla is AWESOME.

Soooo yep. That's the update for now. Going to finish up my break with some RWBY and a hot pocket then get back to staring at this damned bodysuit.

Tatas....and badonkadonks.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Review -=No Spoilers=-

TL;DR short review?

This. Was. AWESOME. Go play it.

Longer version? Clicky-click for more.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hashtag gropecrew/rapecrew at A-Kon 24

Just a quick post because I need to address this for those who think this is okay.

Yes, I believe this to be a bunch of trolls responding to the Cosplay is not Consent movement sweeping across the internet lately. However, I do not condone this sort of action. Trolling is entertaining and I participate regularly. But joking that you intend to molest and drag girls into isolated areas at a convention to rape them is unacceptable in ANY situation. These assholes are directly tweeting female cosplayers and posting things like this:
Sure sure, there's some people going, "Pft, if you take this sort of thing seriously you're stupid," but when you have a stranger tweet at you that they're going to forcefully have their way with you and that you posting your cosplay pictures tells them exactly where you are at the convention can make you feel insecure and frightened about your well-being. It's a natural response and in no way an "unnecessary" reaction. And then there's those folks that say those type of comments should be expected when people cosplay. But that revolves back around to cosplay is not consent.

So in conclusion, my thing is: sure, have fun. But don't ruin other people's fun. Trolling is part of the internet but when you start actually making someone fear for their own safety in a setting where that sort of scenario might actually happen, it's just not funny anymore. Log off and eat a Snickers, 'kay? You're being stupid.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Influenster Sugar n' Spice Voxbox Review

I'm a little late with my review but I went to Taiwan/Hong Kong for about three weeks. *shrugs* Anyways, GET ON WITH IT.

This latest voxbox contained BelVita breakfast biscuits, Vaseline Spray n' Go, the Colgate Optic White kit (includes, mouthwash, toothpaste, and toothbrush), Nectresse sweetener, and Dickinson's Witch hazel face wipes.

-What was Meh-

BelVita breakfast biscuits:
Overall it just tasted like graham crackers. Nothing special. I'll stick to my Nature Valley crunchy bars.

Nectresse sweetener:
It was okay. I'll stick to regular Splenda if I want sweetener. There was a definite monkfruit aftertaste.

Colgate Optic White kit:
The mouthwash and toothpaste had the usual whitening taste to it. I just never like it. The toothbrush was pretty interesting though but I'll stick to my Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush and Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste. If I need some extra whitening power I use the Crest 3D White strips.

-What was Awesome-

Vaseline Spray n' Go:
Now this. This stuff was great. I've been using body creams and lotions in the past and while I still do so on the weekends for a nice little relaxing massage on my limbs, on work days the Spray n' Go is a must have. Contrary to the name, you still need to rub the product in somewhat. But it does dry rather quickly after and doesn't feel greasy or heavy. I didn't have any problems spraying at different angles and the smell was pleasant and more importantly for me: light. I quickly went out and purchased the Aloe Fresh scent for my Asia trip and while I didn't use it often (horrible humidity in Taiwan), I do not regret purchasing the second spray. The smell is much more to my liking than the Total Moisture that came in my voxbox but that's purely personal preference.

Dickinson's Witch Hazel Wipes:
These were just a godsend for me on my Asia trip. While I do use witch hazel as a toner occasionally, the fact that these were in wet wipe form were fantastic for travel. One, they're wet wipes so they aren't required to be put in your TSA 3-1-1 quart bag for liquids. Two, I could just slip a few in my purse so when we were wandering the crowded streets of the Night Market or treking up a mountain road, I could use one to wipe all the gunk that humidity and city pollution had settled on my face. While I did break out during the trip (mainly stress and hormones probably), I'd have to say that the wipes prevented me from developing more acne than I had.

Usage in normal settings resulted in my face being slightly dry afterwards but I always moisturize so it wasn't an issue.


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. If you would like to join and participate in an online community dedicated to product reviews, either click here or message me for an invite email.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pv.Body/Ellie Bait n' Switch? Pft, I raise you nonexistent Tactical Corset and Blinding Glittersniffers

So remember back in December when I placed my first order from Pv.Body and talked about their switchover to the Ellie brand with a different business setup? Yeah, took a bit of time to receive the shipment but it was never a huge issue. I knew what I was risking when I decided to pay a new small business to send me things over the internet but this was small fish compared to what I dealt with before with an unknown company.

Way back a few years ago I had seen this hype blow up about Tactical Corsets. Yeah, that's right. And I was in love and salivating with all the other people wanting to get their orders in. However, when they did finally accept orders on their website they were swamped. Apparently their promoting of awesomeness was too much for them to handle with the limited staff they had. But instead of closing orders and communicating with the people that had already ordered about delays, they remained quiet.

Now before I had ordered I had emailed, asking if they could make a deadline that was a month away (I wanted to wear my spiffy corset to a convention) and they said "Yes!" so I immediately placed my order the next day. The month came and went with no word. I ended up emailing again after and his response was to wait two weeks then it will be done.

Two MONTHS went by without word. So, I email again, this time less pleasant but not to the point of being rude. Basically saying that while I understood that this was a new business, there's the expectation of at least providing communication of what is going on with people's orders. I also stated that if he couldn't confirm a ship date for my order that I would require a full refund. He said he was traveling and that he would get to that soon.

ALMOST ANOTHER MONTH LATER I email him again, this time angry because of the continued and seemingly intentional lack of communication. Also, the fact when someone complained on the Tactical Corset Facebook they magically got 50% off their order. I waited over a week then emailed again with a curt "Respond or I start calling you." He immediately responded with a "sorry about the delays, you can have 50% off too." and something about working on training new seamsters/seamstresses.


I email him again threatening to bring legal action into this if he doesn't give me a full refund. I was tired of this crap. After a bit of hounding, including emailing his other business venture's email and his own personal email, I suddenly got a refund to my PayPal for the full amount of the nonexistent corset. From what I understand many were not so lucky since the guy quickly ditched the TC website and Facebook and there were complaints for months after about not receiving their order.

So! With that all said. I've been hearing about how people have considered Pv.Body/Ellie to be a huge scam. To put it simply, I do not think it's a scam. They tried out one business setup and it was too much for them to handle with all these unknown factors. I completely understood their problems since they were getting various shipments from various suppliers. Since they were doing fitness wear, the fit from company to company varies. Quality varies. And when you're doing random shipments a month, you can accidentally ship the same exact item to customers that they receive the month before. It happens. Also, suppliers can run out which they did often with the unexpected popularity of Pv.Body. Plus since their selling point was that they could get designer brands for cheapy-cheap (like the drool-worthy Lululemon brand), people were constantly expecting Lululemon every month which wasn't possible from a business standpoint. When you pay $50 a month you can't expect $100+ clothes every time. That just doesn't work out that way.

So they switched to a different business model, doing more of a JustFab where every month you can pick out items from what's available for a certain set price or you can skip the month and instead of providing other labels' clothing, they made their own in-house brand (Ellie). I have three pieces from them so far and I love them. The fit is great (very true to size) and more importantly, they're comfy and the quality is great. I do my interval training and I've had no problems with tearing or pinching or sliding.

I know some were having exchange problems with their Pv.Body shipments. And really, while it sucks and the company should get back to those customers, those customers should be contacting the company as soon as a reasonable time has passed. Pv.Body/Ellie has a Facebook and a Twitter and a website. All these things can be utilized. What I did to get an update on my first Pv.Body shipment was to tweet their customer service twitter account. I got a response right away and a representative called me right away to sort things out. I see a lot of customers whining on Facebook within a separate thread demanding a response but how the heck are the Facebook mods supposed to see that if you don't make it easier on them? And as to exchanges, I exchanged my last Pv.Body shipment since it didn't fit at all and they emailed me when they received it asking if I wanted a refund or Ellie credit.

What I'm basically saying is, don't jump up and shout wolf when there isn't one. Sure, there's seemingly a "shady" past with the owners but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't honestly trying to make a successful business. People make LLCs all the time and then have to close up if its not working out. Putting a business name on the line keeps the individual from going bankrupt. It keeps the risk as minimal as it can be for an up and coming owner. That's how people start small businesses usually.

Now, if you wish to buy from Ellie, I do recommend their current business model. I know exactly what I'm getting a month which is more suitable to my tastes. People are upset that they changed but really the company has done all it can, making the first month of Ellie with no charge for not skipping when the website was down from massive traffic and was inaccessible. Offering plenty of communication during the transition and returns/exchanges for previous Pv.Body shipments close to the date of transition.

I think what it comes down to is that people in general are never satisfied. This is a small company that I think is legitimately trying to work out and customers assume they have to work perfectly. If you feel down about not getting cheap Lululemon, or if your exchange is taking more than a week to process, think of this: at least you didn't spend almost a year battling for over $500 that might have disappeared completely like with Tactical Corsets. And you didn't pay money for eye pigments from Glittersniffer Cosmetics that was later found out blinded some customers (AND THEIR KIDS) when the owner wasn't using sanitary methods and intentionally used non-FDA approved components LIKE SOAP DYES for her cosmetics and it was injuring her customers. And I must note that GS is still around and still peddling her wares to the unwary. You've been warned.

So yeah, take that and count your lucky stars. Your venture into small online businesses could have been a whole mess worse.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inequality For All

First, a bit of backstory:

The other night in The Secret World, my boyfriend and I were working on some quests we had missed previously while going through storyline. Two players with female avatars were working on the same Egypt mission so we picked them up to get credit together; shortly it became clear it was a mistake. Let's...let's just say they were doing so many newb things that should have been corrected by the time they got to Egypt. Anyways. After quite a bit of frustration, we completed the mission and I immediately left the group. Over voice chat, my boyfriend heard me grumble about those two which also included the statement, "I really hope those two were actually female."

I hope you understand my problem now. The problem being that females are seemingly always the ones victimized. "Fake Geek Girls" come to mind specifically with all the backlash that came from Harris' infamous Facebook post. Yeah, if it comes to labels, I am indeed female who likes geeky things. I do think many ladies get a bad rap for being pretty and maybe having a mild or starting interest in geek culture.

I do agree with albinwonderland that there are various levels of geekdom and that people (regardless of race/gender/etc.) shouldn't be excluded because they haven't passed some sort of snobbish test of credibility or because they look different than the standard. Hell, geeks/nerds weren't the standard to start with. That's why we were social outcasts most of the time. Now it's this highly-sought after "cool club" and the old blood wants the membership to be exclusive or haze the bright-eyed youths that only seek camaraderie and fun. I still believe there is the occasional person who goes with what's popular because it is popular. If you want to label them fake, I suppose that's your right to have an opinion. But my opinion is that unless they are actually doing something to you personally, you can have enough maturity to ignore them.

Fake Geek Girl - by Jemma Salume (click here)

With that said, back to the beginning of the post. I've covered the female side but what about the male side of geek culture? Let's take gaming for the example. Girls have this automatic label that they suck at gaming. Sure, they might be okay at RPGs but give them an FPS and they'll start whining that no one is letting them win. Blah blah. But males have this automatic label that they should be a natural at gaming. It's been a month and you're still in your teens in WoW? Holy shit, what the hell? You have a penis, don't you??

Yup, that's the other side of it. Guys have expectations put upon them as well. And just like female geeks get all hostile on those they consider "fake", guys do the same thing. It's geek on geek violence. And when it came to that instance in TSW, I fell into the same discrimination. While it wasn't on a fellow vagina-wielder, I made the assumption that a person cannot suck at a game because of their gender.

Yes, I said it late at night and I was being a bit of a grouchy dragoness who just wanted to get her missions done and go to sleep, but after making that statement I felt ashamed and it bothered me enough that a week later I had to make this post. I always see so much girl power like we have something to prove but can't we all just be geeks together? Can't we lament how short Firefly is together? Can't we move onto other problems like P2W micro-transactions in games that already cost $60? Can't we share cosplay tips and be able to compliment each other on how awesome their costume is without sweatily groping Black Cat cleavage or Conan loincloths then whining that they're being fake, uppity, or they "can't take a joke"?

Stay classy, Geekdom.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Second Life LotD 003 & TSG's Dakota Hybrid Mesh Head Review

Many creators are making mesh heads nowadays. Some people are salivating at the thought of new perfect faces to wear, others are fearing that the mesh trend will lead to a clone army of busty, cute-faced look-alikes in slutty clothes.

Deneva "Ayane" Jinx and I recently took a look at a new release by The Sugar Garden. It is a hybrid head where you can use your own eyes instead of including eyes you would have to mod already attached to the head.

Six expression options via HUD

 As you can see in the picture above, there are six expressions that come included. There are also six different makeup options that are not shown.

Ayane and I do love the cutesy anime girl look. And this head is inspired by Dakota Rose, one of those gals that is famous for having that anime look in RL. The face is very sweet and I do like that you can use whatever eyes you want (though resizeable prim/sculpt/mesh eyes are the best since system eyes can still sometimes be too small for the sockets) along with any lashes to make your look more girly. And I dig that there are clear instructions on how to make the head seamless to your avatar's shape. We are however, somewhat disappointed in the price vs. quality/options available.

Firstly, this head is 1350L for one skin tone. It does come with a Lumiere skin in the box so I suppose that could be why the price is bumped; her skins are quite lovely and Ayane loves them to death. However, I am concerned the the rest of the cost wasn't worth it. The six expressions are little more than lip tweaks. I've seen other heads that have more emotion to them -- adjusting not just the mouth but eyes and brows. The six makeup colors range from nudes and pinks to lilac which is not much variety. The thing that bugs me the most is this:

studio lighting
estate lighting
If you look at the two pictures above, the first is using one of the provided studio lightings in Firestorm. The second is with default estate lighting. As you can see, the head up close has a strange indention on one side of the mouth, the mesh "wrinkles" are only accentuated more when you have overhead lighting which will make the whole center of the face rather unappealing. While it doesn't matter when someone is looking at the head in studio lighting, it does make a difference when they are using any other type of lighting -- weird shadows are cast that doesn't compliment the sweet-looking, youthful face.

All in all, I'm not too terribly impressed with this release. Considering I can get a full avatar from <UTILIZATOR> for around 800L that I can mod however I want with better scripting/3D modeling, it's just not a sound purchase for me. I may not know how to make mesh objects, but as a consumer there are better options out there with more out of the box options and future modding capabilities. Ayane still loves her Dakota head and plans on wearing it on occasion. I still think she looks cute with it on. Just glad I usually run with studio lighting on anyways.

- LookBook Details -

Skin: .tsg. mei mei A tone
*Head: .tsg. Dakota Head A tone
Hands: .tsg. Lumiere A Mesh Hands
Eyes: .tsg. Sugoi Green (for some reason the right eye was "no mod" so another left had to be made and enlarged)
Hair: (Chemistry) Bubbles - Browns - Chocolate
Top: Gawk! White Tummy Shirt
Bottom: League Booty-Shorts~D.Blue
Shoes: [Gos] Triumph Boots - Fem - Black
Wings: [europa] WHITE Archon wings
Necklaces: [twee.] USB Cable Necklace
Earrings: [A] Limited - Cloudy - (Mesh) Earrings
Hairpin: [ Love Soul ] Hair Pin*Bear*Pink
Bandaids: Reek - Bandaids - Hearts

Shot at Toxian City

*Please be aware that this item was purchased and was not given for review by the creator.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fyrinnae Cosmetics - First Impresssion

First impression: super love. The colors are lovely and were easy to apply while swatching.
I can't wait to create some looks with these. I've been wanting to make a few eye looks based off of The Secret World and I've been waiting for my order to arrive to start. Eeeee! xD

Top two are with flash and bottom are with natural lighting.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fitness Stuff Arrived (Pvbody & Hautelook Shipments)

Pvbody shipment took a while to show up. While I did have to call customer service to get my discount code and shipment status taken care of (I ordered on December 30th and my tracking continued to say "Initiated" until I called last week), I understand that they're a new company that had limited staffing which got overwhelmed with the number of orders coming in.

Nux top and Ellie bottom

The top and bottom I received fit well and are of good quality. Sad I didn't get a chance to get a Lululemon piece before they changed their business setup but I'm satisfied with what I received. Normal subscription was $50 and I got my shipment for $20 which is nice.

Starting February 1st they'll be changing from a pay-monthly-subscription-and-receive-random-brand-selections (similar to Birchbox or Ipsy) to a VIP club-type setup where you get some picks by "stylists" of some sort every month and you can either select from those or the rest of the site for a discount or skip the month (similar to JustFab or any of the -Mint sites). They will also stop selling random brands and will debut their own in-house brand called "Ellie".
New Balance - Minimus Trail Running Shoe
New Balance - Trail Shoe
The two sets of shoes both fit well. I got one for general fitness and one designed for a barefeet feel, the Vibram soles similar to the "toe shoe" five finger line of the same brand. I'm happy to have gotten these at a discount since I probably would just have dealt with my now 3-4 year old sneakers instead of retiring them to Goodwill.

If you would like to check Hautelook out, please feel free to use this link:

If you would like to try Ellie, please feel free to to use this link:

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Uwah! Lurves! -- Philosophy Purity Facial Cleansing Gel & Eye Makeup Remover Review

I've only had this for a few days so far but I adore this face wash. I had been using the normal Purity on and off through the years with my Clarisonic, swapping between that and the Japanese Juju brand HA foaming face wash with a Sephora silicone facial brush.

While the normal lotion-ish Purity cleanser is good, I always felt it wasn't perfect for me. It didn't wash away all my makeup, leaving residue when I used toner, and I felt it made me break out just slightly more than when I used the Juju. Just to add for reference my skin is oily to combination.
Anyways! This seems to be working great. It doesn't feel greasy nor does it dry my face out (which is important in the winter). It cleanses my makeup away and there's no leftover residue on the cotton ball after toner. I've used it with smudgeproof liquid and gel liner though I still haven't used it with waterproof mascara yet.
I'd recommend this product.

This was purchased by me and was not given for review by the company.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Face Plasters (Updated!) Now Available

Remember those old prim face plasters I had before on marketplace? Probably not. :p Likely because shortly after their release, tattoo layers came out and then they were obsolete along with all the other prim-based facial items that weren't piercings.

But yay, now I have an update and converted them to the prized tattoo/makeup layer. The old versions have been scrapped BUT these are available in a pack of 14 for only 70L$. Pretty good I'd think. I might come up with a nose type or knees eventually. We'll see. Anyways, enjoy.

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