Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fitness Stuff Arrived (Pvbody & Hautelook Shipments)

Pvbody shipment took a while to show up. While I did have to call customer service to get my discount code and shipment status taken care of (I ordered on December 30th and my tracking continued to say "Initiated" until I called last week), I understand that they're a new company that had limited staffing which got overwhelmed with the number of orders coming in.

Nux top and Ellie bottom

The top and bottom I received fit well and are of good quality. Sad I didn't get a chance to get a Lululemon piece before they changed their business setup but I'm satisfied with what I received. Normal subscription was $50 and I got my shipment for $20 which is nice.

Starting February 1st they'll be changing from a pay-monthly-subscription-and-receive-random-brand-selections (similar to Birchbox or Ipsy) to a VIP club-type setup where you get some picks by "stylists" of some sort every month and you can either select from those or the rest of the site for a discount or skip the month (similar to JustFab or any of the -Mint sites). They will also stop selling random brands and will debut their own in-house brand called "Ellie".
New Balance - Minimus Trail Running Shoe
New Balance - Trail Shoe
The two sets of shoes both fit well. I got one for general fitness and one designed for a barefeet feel, the Vibram soles similar to the "toe shoe" five finger line of the same brand. I'm happy to have gotten these at a discount since I probably would just have dealt with my now 3-4 year old sneakers instead of retiring them to Goodwill.

If you would like to check Hautelook out, please feel free to use this link:

If you would like to try Ellie, please feel free to to use this link:

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