Friday, May 31, 2013

Hashtag gropecrew/rapecrew at A-Kon 24

Just a quick post because I need to address this for those who think this is okay.

Yes, I believe this to be a bunch of trolls responding to the Cosplay is not Consent movement sweeping across the internet lately. However, I do not condone this sort of action. Trolling is entertaining and I participate regularly. But joking that you intend to molest and drag girls into isolated areas at a convention to rape them is unacceptable in ANY situation. These assholes are directly tweeting female cosplayers and posting things like this:
Sure sure, there's some people going, "Pft, if you take this sort of thing seriously you're stupid," but when you have a stranger tweet at you that they're going to forcefully have their way with you and that you posting your cosplay pictures tells them exactly where you are at the convention can make you feel insecure and frightened about your well-being. It's a natural response and in no way an "unnecessary" reaction. And then there's those folks that say those type of comments should be expected when people cosplay. But that revolves back around to cosplay is not consent.

So in conclusion, my thing is: sure, have fun. But don't ruin other people's fun. Trolling is part of the internet but when you start actually making someone fear for their own safety in a setting where that sort of scenario might actually happen, it's just not funny anymore. Log off and eat a Snickers, 'kay? You're being stupid.


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