Friday, June 28, 2013

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Review -=No Spoilers=-

TL;DR short review?

This. Was. AWESOME. Go play it.

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Okay, if you don't like the Borderlands games to begin with, you probably will hate this DLC because you apparently have the funnybone of a slug. If you aren't interested at all in an RPG FPS that doesn't take itself seriously, theeeeen go back to Call of Doody or something.

If you do like the Borderlands world, then you're going to ADORE this DLC. Granted, I have a history of tabletop gaming so it was super entertaining to me with all the references but even if you don't, there is plenty to laugh about and tons of fun in this DLC. I won't post screenshots so nothing is shown that will spoil the funsies. The trailer doooes reveal things here and there but it's so quick unless you know what you're looking for it's not going to be deal-breaking.

I was 43 at the time of playing which I hit 50 by the end. My teammates were around 50-51. In total I would say it took us...13-14 hours to play all of the main storyline plus the side quests? We spread it out with playtime after work over three days; the third day was just the boss fight and trying out the circle of slaughter stuff.

While the storyline was good (AMG the feeeels at the end!), I'd have to say the most drawn out and tiring part for me was the combat. Boss fights were still fun. But I expect them to be long and tough to beat. But normal fights seemed to take forever with waves and waves coming in and felt like no end in sight.

Many times we were all FFYL (Fight For Your Life) and, while my teammates are awesome friends, we don't always work cohesively so I'm not sure if it was purely the game itself. Since I started at 43 and still haven't finished True Vault Hunter Mode in the core game, I guess also too it could be something I'm just not used to since I hear higher levels are rather insane especially in U(ltimate)VHM. Once I was actually able to use The Bee that I had gotten (friend didn't want it because it was lower level than him <____<) I think we did a lot better since I am playing a heal/support Maya build.

But all in all, I think it was well worth the money and the time. It is my opinion that they did a wonderful job of revamping Pandora to a medieval-fantasy DnD feel, the story was thought out and engaging and ties a few things up at the end (both seriously and hilariously). No disappointment whatsoever.

Anyways, get to playing.



Go go.


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