Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy busy busy...

Me before I throw a fiery tantrum and fling the sewing machine.

I've been super-busy working on DragonCon costumes. I will be cosplaying Maya from Borderlands 2. My partner in crime and life will be cosplaying Dr. Ned/Zed. Since he's traveling for business a lot I have to put together both costumes for the most part during his absence and I'm slightly dying inside about trying to make clothes without a base pattern or dress form. Hurray. \(._. )/

I am currently balancing precariously on the thin fishing line between "I GOT THIS" and "AMGAMG-MY-LIFE-IS-CRUMBLING-AROUND-ME-AND-I-WILL-BRING-DISHONOR-UPON-MY-WHOLE-FAMILY" sort of thing. Watch me play slots in Vegas. You will bear witness to the hilarious emotional rollercoaster that is me.

Anyways, apologies for having no posts in July. That sucks. But I dropped most games for the time being while I try to trudge through sewing and keeping the cats away from my crafts. *nudges Rewind away from lying on my pile of light colored fabrics*

To make everyone (me) feel better and less guilty, there will be pics and a full post after the convention. I am determined to get good photos of my completed costume this year. I've also made my first awesome prop too which if you follow my instagram you've probably seen the progress shots. Worbla is AWESOME.

Soooo yep. That's the update for now. Going to finish up my break with some RWBY and a hot pocket then get back to staring at this damned bodysuit.

Tatas....and badonkadonks.


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