Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long Live The Queen Review

The moving and holidays are over so no excuse for me to slack off with the blog and what not any further. Therefore, I will try to post more regularly either in vlog or blog form. I will unofficially call it Something Sundays; as in I'm going to post something on Sundays.

This is my review for the indie game "Long Live the Queen", made by Hanako Games. The point of this is you (Elodie) being the princess of a land called Nova. Your mother the Queen has died and your father the King-Consort has brought you back home from school to learn what you need to survive to adulthood (15 years old) and receive the crown.

This plays like a visual novel so there isn't any hacking and/or slashing required on the player's end, though having your little reluctant princess pick up some offensive training doesn't hurt...unless you fail to train enough in it and try to duel people. This game reminded me a lot of the old Princess Maker games.

Like Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, LLTQ seems to expect you to play through multiple times. The assumption is you've been shot, poisoned, blasted, drowned, or any other number of ways your pretty, naive maiden will die. The only way to survive I have noticed is to pay attention to what skill check failures pop up during events and to work on those skills preemptively the next go around; do not always focus on skills that have the highest bonus due to your mood.

One thing I found rather entertaining (and frustrating) was the nobility family lines. Memorizing names and titles and land ownerships was a bit arduous, though with multiple playthroughs the bigger picture of who was in line after Elodie for the throne, who was picking fights with who, who didn't have heirs, where power transfers were taking place, etc. became clearer. If you do not want to get too in-depth with that, there is also a little "?" box in dialogue to pull up an info card of the noble you are talking to.

According to Steam, I have played this for about 6 hours and managed to successfully live to my coronation. I played a couple times afterwards to gain a few more achievements but decided I didn't completely care about gaining all 39 (currently at 18).

All in all, I would recommend this game to anyone who loves the cutesy style of shoujo with a bit of skill balancing and murder. The best ending I have encountered so far is the with the "Angel of Music" achievement (the feels!) so try to get that one if you can.

Pros: Good story, Choose Your Own Adventure, cute anime style, can be educational, option to save a log of your playthrough to c/p and share with others
Cons: Music was repetitive and unoriginal, sometimes you just get no choices where one should be present (LIKE NOT EATING THE I'll let you find out).


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