Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wizard World Portland Comic Con

WWPCC (whew, long name) is the first convention I have attended since moving to Oregon. I have never attended any of Wizard World's cons so I wasn't sure what to expect. Dok and I chose to just go on Saturday which purchasing ahead of time was $50; at the door would have been $10 more. We also decided to not deal with costumes so we could be comfortable and able to gauge what we could do for next year cosplay-wise. Keep in mind that my observations come from living in Arkansas and dealing with poorly-run local cons, then going to A-Kon (Dallas, TX) for a number of years then moving on to Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA).

Everything was held at the Oregon Convention Center. The Advanced Sales line moved quickly once the doors opened at 10AM, and since the tickets had a QR code, it was super painless to get our bands and move on to the con floor.

We basically saw all of the con within an hour or two in. There were plenty of vendors near the entrance, further back was Celeb signatures and photo ops, and Artist Alley was to the right side. Panels were outside the main room.

The con was ran well. Lines moved smoothly due to polite and attentive volunteer staff and security personnel. They had a few interesting sights like one of the Impalas used for Supernatural, celebs like Bruce Campbell, Ron Perlman, and Norman Reedus, in addition to well-known cosplayers like Ivy Doomkitty and Yaya Han. Dok also got to meet the cartoonist Shannon Wheeler which was a rather big surprise for him since his work is rather niche.

The only problem for me personally was that we simply ran out of things to do. Sure there were celebs I could creep on *cue heavy breathing*, I could totally pay $5.25 for a very basic hotdog, and I could look at all the t-shirt vendors I've seen at other cons. A big part for my con-going experience is also the cosplayers. The number of cosplayer attendance was low, both closet cosplays and more intricate ones. I think it will be better next year as a dry run for Dragon Con costumes. Being in costume may keep me around longer.

All in all, WWPCC is better than the local cons I attended back in Arkansas. Bigger space, more people, and more things to do. I think I am just spoiled with the size of Dragon Con and I need to appreciate how good Oregon cons can be.

Have a random picture of Norman Reedus


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