Friday, August 8, 2014

IMO: Why I refuse the 2014 TMNT

To start with, I know this movie was made for teens just like MB's Transformers. I get that. The majority of younglings and those that are older and easy to please will be drawn to the shiny explosiony-goodness that Bay is known for. Totally understand.

However, I personally do not approve of this um, "creative take" on part of my childhood. I'd given up on the new Transformers since the second movie. I gave them their fair shot so it's not like I'm just refusing reboots out right without trying to watch them. I don't like MB's versions. That's it. And yeah sure, argue that it's directed by Jonathan Liebesman and not Michael Bay. But MB is a producer. And producers definitely get a hefty say in what goes into a movie. Rumor has it that it was shitty producers and such that ruined M. Night's Avatar movie, auto-hiring people due to their connections and tying up the director's hands so it was run the way they wanted it.

If you like MB's stuff, that's okay. Go watch  TMNT and have fun. But if you don't like what's been revealed in the trailers, in the interviews, what Megan Fox said about naysayers -- everything from the turtle redesign to the friggin fact that (like Transformers) they feel it is so damn necessary to focus on the human element (this TMNT is all about April) when you clearly went to the theatre to watch the movie's namesake do shit and kick ass -- why would you go watch this movie?

Everything about it reeks of bullshit. Don't go opening weekend to "see if it is as bad as everyone says". Stop and think. Don't spend money on this. The only way to show that you are not happy with this craptastic vomit on your fandom is to not support it. I've seen the FB comments that claim "if you aren't supportive, you cannot be a fan". Nope. That's not how it works. To be a fan, you show passion for it which can be both positive and negative. When you feel like your fandom is being shoved up someone's butt, vomited out, and put on display like it's something super awesome that you should pay for, yeah you should rage.

You are completely not helping the cause if you go buy a ticket. Just like with games where you must preorder for "extra special content", in-game micro-transactions, or DLCs that should just all be part of the full game. Just don't do it. Don't buy into the bullshit and the companies will eventually get the friggin clue. Don't bitch about it after the fact because they don't care after you've already thrown your money at them.
And if you really must watch this abomination: go read the comics, watch the cartoons and older movies, and wait until it's on Netflix or some such. That way, aside from rental/streaming licensing which the providing company is already paying, the movie company doesn't make anything individually off of you. Netflix is for watching crappy movies anyways.

If they're going to make a reboot, I'd at least watch female versions of the Turtles.


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