Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Shampoos

I don't really have the "normal" Asian hair that many have: coarse, thick mane of hair that needs conditioning and can go for days without shampooing.

I have to shampoo every day. I've tried to skip and it never works out. More natural ingredient shampoos, dry shampoos, etc. it just doesn't happen.

Also, with the added benefit of the occasional eczema flare up (which worsened suddenly and dramatically with pregnancy hormones), heat made my scalp angry. Wet hair made my scalp angry. Heck, even the dandruff it produced due to irritation made it more irritated. I just couldn't win.

So! Here are my favorite shampoos that have not irritated my scalp, made it more greasy than it usually gets at the end of the day, or weighed it down.

1. Bumble and bumble Seaweed Shampoo 8 oz

This is a really good middle of the road shampoo for me as far as price. The smell is lovely, it lathers (if that matters to you), and most importantly it gets my hair clean without any sort of film or heaviness.

2.Nature's Gate Tea Tree Calming Shampoo, 32 Fluid Ounce

When my eczema decides to say hello, this is what I turn to. It has a nice cool tingling effect and used with the conditioner, it has helped my scalp calm down and begin to heal. Drugstore level stuff so it's not expensive and it smells nice.

3.Shu Uemura Gentle Radiance Cleansing Oil Shampoo 400ml 13.4 oz

High-end brand. I only get this when there's a sale. The smell is floral and light, and it cleans without stripping my natural oils. This is more of a once in a while treat but I use it when I can to switch things up.


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