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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amazon Prime Day!

Get some awesome deals today. I know I've already grabbed some electronics and sunglasses. Woo!

They really have just about everything rotating through the lightning deals. Everything from 4k smart TVs to restaurant gift cards to shoe horns and baby bottles.

Samsung 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D TV (HU8550 Series) with 4K Video Pack

Bose SoundTrue Headphones On-Ear Style, Black

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Black and Stainless Steel

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ukoala Bag Review

UPDATE 2: Even with speaking with the bag designer and her confirming I had received the wrong bag, MCN Interactive (those in charge of the website and online sales) refused to admit fault and if I didn't like the bag, I could pay to ship it back and then they would refund me. How kind of them. Meh. Mayan has since then assured me that she was going to take back her site and even offered me a future discount for my trouble since the other company was unwilling to work with me even in the slightest. She has more customer service skills than this Jacqueline girl working at MCN as customer support.

Full convo with Mayan, creator of Ukoala Bags can be found here in the comments:

This does not look light blue. I could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure I'm not... #ukoalabag

A photo posted by □CK□ (@khellendrathas) on

UPDATE: After arguing with the customer service rep "Jacqueline Melbaris" that light blue did not equal purple, and providing proof that the bag was not what they claimed, she just closed my ticket without further response. Very professional of her. Mind you, I did not cuss or in any manner act inappropriate. She just decided that she did not care and "solved my issue".

Let me start off with that I think these bags are a cool concept. I've seen pictures of them here and there on social media and more recently Yaya Han had purchased one since Ukoala had a booth next to hers at a convention.

The issue that came up for me is that since I have not been able to attend cons this year, I am not able to take a look at these bags in person. No problem, I thought. They have a website and I can order off there. And these bags would be more convenient than regular purses where I would have to sling them over my shoulder or hook them on the crook of my arm.

Sadly, an unforeseen complication came up when I received my bag. Below is what I thought I purchased. It was reminiscent for me of when I cosplayed Maya from Borderlands 2 with the yellow and so I decided to break away from my usual choices of blue or black (the only blue they have has camo on it and most of the black bags were sold out) and buy this brighter color.

What I received was this:

Not really a noticeable difference, right? Color is slightly off. In person, it was more of a mustard yellow than a richer yellow but that wasn't too big of an issue. For me, it was the fact that my bag wasn't exactly the same design as advertised on the site. Specifically these parts:

There is supposed to be another pocket at top above the flap and then two loops to hang sunglasses on which were not there.

Now I know there are different generations for these bags according to their Instagram page. And as I understand it, the design and size has been modified through these generations. However, one would assume they would keep their site updated with the generation of their inventory. When I emailed them, it took a few days for a response (and a DM to their Instagram account). The rep I spoke with (Jacqueline) was very polite with her correspondence but she checked with the account manager and the bag I received was the one I was supposed to get apparently. They offered to exchange the bag or have me keep it and get a refund on the discount difference since they started a sale for Independence Day. I chose to get a different bag but I still had to pay shipping. So $9 initially then $7 to return, then $10 for the new bag. *sigh*

This time I decided on something similar to Yaya's bag. I figured, since metallic microfiber bags were going to be discontinued due to the material not being available anymore, it might be a safer bet that it will look like what is displayed on the site, right?

This is what I ordered: 

What I received was this:

Um. So. This looks oddly like Yaya's purple bag:

SIGH. So, currently I am waiting for customer service to confirm whether I received the right bag yet again. The packaging and invoice says Hallucination though the color screams What If. Strangely very purple for a light blue/grey bag. Hm.

Customer service aside, the bags seem nice and well-constructed. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend though that if you feel the urge to buy one of these bags, do so at a convention where they are a vendor. It has been nothing but a headache dealing with their website. Go to a con, try one on, and physically pick out the bag you want so you know what you are getting. If you insist on trying their online purchasing option, here's the site. Good luck.

::Review not sponsored. All items purchased by me.::