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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Waifu Wednesdays: Jaehee Kang from Mystic Messenger

My sister affectionately refers to her as, "Baehee". Jaehee is the only female character other than the MC in the RFA. She starts out with a robotic-like personality, being somewhat similar to Jumin in being very cold to the MC in the beginning due to a stranger suddenly being pushed in amongst them.

She eventually warms up and shares her fangirl tendencies about Zen to you and while she remains steadfast and sensible throughout the story (I have not played her path fully yet), she is extremely lovable and charming.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Multi-Task Monday: NCIS

Distraction: ☼☼☼

I enjoy procedural dramas. They're pretty formulaic so you can multi-task and still keep up with story. This show uses navy cop theme instead of the usual medical or inner city police force point of view so it can be entertaining to watch if you want something different (but not tooo different).

Watching with a distraction can also be useful for ignoring the inaccuracies in the show as well. There are plenty of seasons to watch so if you are doing something lengthy or in multiple sessions (crafting, gaming, etc.) this might be a good thing to put on in the background.

The usual formula of Bad Guy of the Day is there with the overarching Bad Guy of the Season. Easy to keep up with, no real complaints, and nothing that will make you stop what you are doing to watch either.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fan Art Fridays: Proto-Jekt

I first saw Proto-Jekt's work while looking for geeky tattoo inspiration. I enjoy the way the artist incorporates various series into a cohesive single large back design.

He hasn't updated his DA in a while so I am not sure if he is still active but maybe you too can find inspiration in his old works
Anime Tattoo by GS _ GAMEPLAY by Proto-jekt on DeviantArt Anime Tattoo by GS _ HALF POINT by Proto-jekt on DeviantArt

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Waifu Wednesdays: Ram

In my opinion, Ram from Re:Zero is the better waifu (fight me). She has more personality and I tire of the always giving submissive girl that seems to be the favorite personality in anime.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Multitask Mondays: The Void

Distraction: ☼☼
Entertainment: ☼☼☼

I watched this while messing around on the internet and playing a bit of Fate/Grand Order. I've heard from friends that this was probably going to be the best modern Lovecraft-inspired movie we were probably going to get since At the Mountains of Madness by del Toro will likely never get a greenlight. It was on Netflix so I gave it a shot.

I will admit I didn't expect much because horror movies nowadays tend to lean towards torture porn rather than psych thriller; most producers not understanding the lost art of the hidden monster and most audiences not understanding the lingering uneasiness of an ending that doesn't clean things up and handhold you to a concrete conclusion.

Just like The Witch, the ending wasn't abrupt like some movies where it just seems like they didn't know how to end it so just cut it early. It does leave you with questions but I think that's cool. You have something to think and talk about afterwards. It is a bit open-ended which is great.

I also appreciate The Thing feel with using mainly prosthetics and makeup rather than CG. The acting was, I feel, fairly well-done.

About halfway through I stopped doing my other stuff to focus on the movie and I feel it was fairly satisfying. Even while doing other things I was able to follow the movie without many gaps in backstory since most characters had a scene to depict what happened to them previously or they had to explain.

Another movie it reminds me of is Event Horizon which is one of my favorite horror movies. I would recommend watching this if you are multi-tasking or not.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trying a new schedule

Trying to get back into posting so I have a tentative schedule set up.

Mondays will be Multitask Mondays: This will be a movie/show (usually from Netflix, Youtube, etc.) review done while I am multitasking other things. In my experience even dumb movies can be mildly entertaining when you aren't devoting full attention to them. I will start with a distraction rating then the show/movie rating. The lower the distraction, the more I can actually absorb storyline if there is one so I suppose that affects how accurate I will be.

Movie recommendations will be considered if they is available on the streaming sites I have access to.

Distraction rating system:
☼ - smallest distraction such as eating
☼☼ - social media/mobile game
☼☼☼ - online shopping
☼☼☼☼ - online gaming or drawing
☼☼☼☼☼ - biggest distraction such as participating in an active voice conversation (If someone is talking to me and expecting response I cannot focus on a movie/show)

Wednesdays will be Waifu Wednesdays: Short post on a fictional female that I find attractive either physically or emotionally. Not to be taken seriously. Honestly the MWF posts should be taken as light-hearted fun.

Fridays will be Fanart Fridays: Share of various fan arts from around the web with links if possible or credit at the very least. I do include non-OC cosplay in this.


A final post type I will be starting are Trash Days. These will be thought-dumps of what I feel are serious topics which are up for discussion. These posts won't be regular since they will be considerably longer "ranty" setups.

Thanks for reading and I hope to get back into the swing of things.

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