Monday, July 17, 2017

Multi-Task Monday: NCIS

Distraction: ☼☼☼

I enjoy procedural dramas. They're pretty formulaic so you can multi-task and still keep up with story. This show uses navy cop theme instead of the usual medical or inner city police force point of view so it can be entertaining to watch if you want something different (but not tooo different).

Watching with a distraction can also be useful for ignoring the inaccuracies in the show as well. There are plenty of seasons to watch so if you are doing something lengthy or in multiple sessions (crafting, gaming, etc.) this might be a good thing to put on in the background.

The usual formula of Bad Guy of the Day is there with the overarching Bad Guy of the Season. Easy to keep up with, no real complaints, and nothing that will make you stop what you are doing to watch either.


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